About and Contact

My name is Aaron Dwyer, and I love beer.

The trouble is I only really like cheap and average beer. I think it’s due to my university days (long ago) of not having much money and not able to afford the better beers.

This website is all about My Beer Journey from drinking ordinary and cheap beer to expanding my tastes to include all beers. Including imported beers from outside Australia.

I want to keep things really simple with this show. So my rating scale for beers is very simple.

Top shelf, middle shelf, bottom shelf. Beers making it to my top shelf are the better ones.

I’ll be collecting all the bottles / cans of  beers that I drink on the show and showcasing them on my Beer Wall of Fame in my office.

The other difference is, that I want to showcase the beer cartons / cases as I think a lot of effort goes into the marketing / branding of the beers and that goes unnoticed most of the time. The other reason is that I believe you should be able to buy the beer in a carton or it’s not worth buying it all. If that restricts the beers that I drink on the show then so be it.

I hope you enjoy watching the shows as much I as enjoy making them.

If you wish to contact me – a simple email is all it takes – aaron@mybeerjourney.com